Maturing And Increasing , The Drone Industry Thrives

Maturing And Increasing , The Drone Industry Thrives

There are a great many reasons to get involved with drone flying, but a few of them regularly stand out. For commercial applications, the ability of a good camera drone to survey crop fields or industrial sites cost-effectively and without putting people in danger can be incredibly attractive. For personal use, the simple thrill of flying a drone is enough for many people. In practice, though, it is often the ability to take great aerial photographs and video that drone pilots find the most satisfying, whatever the particular field or context.

If there is a single drone family that has stood out in this respect, it must be the dji phantom series. The original Phantom was something of a revelation for the industry, coming as it did at a time when the most ambitious drone pilots where still stuck with cobbling together their own Frankenstein-style creations. Right out of the box, the first Phantom provided the kind of photographic capability and flight performance that enthusiasts had been seeking for so long, opening up a whole host of new applications in the process.

Since then, the drones of that lineage have remained some of the most popular of all. At any given drone with camera residents might shop at, questions about DJI's Phantoms will be common and eagerly received. At the same time, the state of the industry has advanced to the point that sticking with the tried and true Phantom is no longer really necessary.

In fact, a common sale drone might deliver a lot of what the Phantom does today and sometimes at an even lower price. Although DJI's products remain incredibly highly regarded and popular, other manufacturers have been catching up, to an extent. While much of that progress has come as a result of studying and imitating what the leaders have been doing, the end result has been a greatly raised bar of performance in general.

Just as many more people are discovering how exciting and practical it can be to own and fly drones, the market has therefore been expanding in ways that make this even more true. While securing a drone that will serve the needs of demanding professional users will take something of an investment, prices have been dropping steadily as competition has started to set in. At the same time, the level of performance and features that can be expected from even low-end drones has risen significantly, making the hobby even more attractive to those just getting started.